St1 opens first integrated Etanolix® plant in Närpiö

Energy company St1 Oy opens bioethanol production unit in Närpiö. Plant is integrated to a local potato flake factory of Oy Börje Norrgard Ab.

Etanolix® plant uses as feedstock the side stream from Oy Börje Norrgård Ab’s potato flake factory. Potato flake factory’s side stream is led into the Etanolix® unit through a direct pipeline. Integration enables also the utilization of excess energy from the potato flake factory.

The Närpiö Etanolix® plant’s capacity is 12.000 tons of feedstock and it produces 850 m3 of bioethanol annually. Expansion of the Etanolix® plant has already been planned, after the expansion the capacity will be 20.000 tons and production 1.400 m3 of 85 % ethanol. Etanolix® process in Närpiö produces also fertilizer and animal feed for the local farms.

St1 produces bioethanol from waste with a new innovative concept of dispersed production, where the production and dehydration of bioethanol are separated. St1 brings small Etanolix® production units close to the waste raw material supplier and the product is concentrated centrally. The Etanolix® unit in Närpiö is built beside the potato flake factory. In the Etanolix® unit the waste feedstock is used to produce 85 % bioethanol, which will be dehydrated in the Hamina plant it opens in June. After the dehydration the 99.7 % bioethanol is ready to be blended with gasoline.

St1’s concept of dispersed production is superior in reducing fossil carbon dioxide emissions and re-using waste. The heating needed in the process is either residual heat energy from a factory which is integrated in the or renewable energy. The dispersed production of ethanol will also reduce the need for transportation of feedstock. When using biowaste as the feedstock, St1 is able to refine the biocomponent of gasoline in the purest way in the world. The Finnish Chemical Industry Association granted an Innovation Award for St1’s Etanolix® concept.

There will be more Etanolix® units shortly: next units will be open in June to Hamina and later this year to Vantaa. The goal is to get about twenty Etanolix® units to production within the next two years.

More Information:
Mikael Knif, Commercial Representative, St1 Biofuels Oy, + 358 400 956776

Jarmo Laaninen, Sales Manager, St1 Biofuels Oy, + 358 50 3712862

Börje Norrgård, Managing Director, Oy Norrgård Börje Ab, +358 10 5481100

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